California Coastal Collaborative Lawyers

Collaborative Divorce Lawyers

California Coastal Collaborative is a group of independent Southern California collaborative divorce lawyers with proven success in obtaining settlements through collaborative mediation with other professionals.

Collaborative divorce is a consensual dispute resolution process in which spouses agree to keep their divorces civil, private, and out of court.

Spouses commit to communication, transparency, and good faith efforts to resolve their divorce issues without the threat of litigation.

In collaborative cases, each spouse hires a collaboratively trained attorney. Many couples also choose to bring on collaborative "coaches," which may include one or more mental health professionals, child specialists, and/or jointly retained . Financial professionals such as accountants or financial planners.

Collaborative divorce presents a progressive and practical alternative to traditional divorce litigation and focuses on finding fair solutions that accommodate the wishes of both parties without going to court. Reaching a divorce agreement consensually through the collaborative process is often more effective and sustainable than receiving an order from a judge who doesn't understand the details of your circumstances.

The collaborative divorce process allows parties to create an agreement tailored to their family's specific situation and needs, reduces the risk of post-divorce conflict, and is less expensive than litigation. It's a more wholistic, transparent, and consumer-orientated divorce model than litigation. Collaborative divorce addresses families' diverse legal, financial, and emotional needs during divorce and beyond.

This video is a great illustration of the collaborative approach.